1-Day Hike in Tarcu Mts.

As this week-end I celebrated my birthday with a lot of friends, I haven’t been away in the mountains. This is a short post relating a short hike from 2010 when I had a small party a cabin in the mountains, and when we also took a short hike up tu the main ridge.

We started from the mountain village of Poiana Marului where we have been accomodated, a group of about 10-12 people, on a brautiful trail through forests usually roamed by the local villagers in search of mushrooms. The trail was easily visible so I decided to stay in the back of the group and have an easier hike as I would climb slower.

The weather was absolutely amazing for the beginning of November with temperatures close to 20 degrees so that we could take our shirts off (the guys at least) when we got out of the forest and into direct sun. The landscape here is really beautiful, this itinerary being one of may favorites. You have large, dense forests, open pastures, bare rock, steep cliffs, over 2000 metre high peaks, glacial lake, reservoir lakes. Once on the main ridge there is also the majestic view of the Retezat Mountains to the east and also the beautiful Netis glacial circus with its amazing lake. The images are more expressive than I am these days so I’ll let you with them… until next time 🙂




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