First snow of the season

After one year that I skipped the autumn hike to Bloju peak in Tarcu Mts. I returned in full force with a group of enthusiastic and active people. The itinerary presented itself as beautiful as always and with a few surprises here and there so as to maintain my determination to come here at least once a year.

After arriving in the course of Friday night at the University’s cabin in Poiana Marului, we took to one of our favorite pastimes, bottle emptying 🙂 As this is not very compatible with a long hike the day after I went to sleep among the first ones in order to be fresh in the morning. Waking up was pretty easy (as it usually is when I get ready to go on a trip) and to my surprise in the kitchen/dining room there were 8 of the 12 people that announced themselves for the trip the evening before so after a short breakfast we were on the way.

The first few hours are those wich I don’t really enjoy so much as it usually is a pretty boring trek through the woods until you get on the alpine meadows. This time though I had a surprise, as soon as we goty in the coniferous region the path was flooded with beautiful red (and toxic) mushrooms, arranged in all sorts of fantastic formations. After a few photo sessions with the new-found beauties of the forest and another not so few steps we finally got to the alpine region of our track.

Once on the alpine pastures the view grew larger and we could admire the beauty of the snow capped peaks around us. The trail became more easy-going as I was absorbed by the fantastic scenery around me. In front and to the sides the 2000+ meters ridges of Bloju, Pietrii and Nedeia peaks and behind us the forests guarding the small settlement of Poiana Marului with its beautiful dark blue reservoir lake. In a short time we were on top of Bloju peak where we took the group photo and headed down towards Netis lake in a hurry as the temperature here was pretty low and we could see that there was much less snow in the Netis area. In a few minutes the weather cleared and we decided to stop for a short meal in the afternoon sun, which immediately made me feel really sleepy. My sleep went with the wind however when we started hearing the rumble of motors made by a group of Czech ATV-ists that eventually came to pass by us leaving us with the sweet odour of burned gases in our nostrils. So, after a last look at Netis, one of my favourite alpine lakes in the Carpathians, we took to the long descent towards Saua Iepii where we again rested for a while enjoying the view towards the Retezat Mts., and then off to the forestry road and our welcoming cabin in Poiana Marului.


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