Retezat Blues

Hello again guys. Since for the most part of the last month I’ve been feeling a little bit blue, as it usually happens on year endings I decided to post something “blue” on the blog also.

Just as on the previous post this was also a really short hike, half a day long, as we were pretty “tired” 😀 Still the pics are great as we had perfect weather, and as it turned out, the last week-end free of snow of the year.

On a Saturday morning (not so early though) we started on the road from Clopotiva to Poiana Pelegii, which was in a better state than last time I’ve traveled on it and at abou 11 am started on the path to Bucura lake. Soon we got out of the forest and had to take off some of the warm clothes as the sun was pretty strong even if it was the middle of November. Perfect blue skies, warm gusts of wind, silence, cold, crystal streams, exactly what you need when you’re terribly hungover :)))

After reaching the lake we realised there was still enough time to try to climb the Bucura Gate (Poarta Bucurei) pass (2280 m) and have a great view over the many lakes in this valley (Lia, Ana, Viorica, Florica, Taul Portii, Bucura, Taul Agatat). So we started the short, beautiful hike on the western slopes of Bucura I peak to the Gates’ Lake (Taul Portii) wich had a thin layer of ice on its surface that was pretty easy to brake apart in order to get to its cool water that we needed so much in the unusual heat of the late autumn.

As the skies were still blue we continued the climb towards the pass, and in 15 minutes our perseverence was rewarded with the beuatiful scenery offered by the Retezat peak and the landscapes of the Gemenele Natural Reserve.

After a few minutes of joyous rest and as we couldn’t reach the other party of climbers in our group over the radio we started our descent towards Poiana Pelegii were we left the car, now fully enjoying the setting sun colors spread over the rocky outcrops of this part of the Retezat Mts. It was a short hike, yet full of wonders and enriched by the deep blue skies and warm colors of the November sun.



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