November promenades

The first week-end in November is a major cause for celebration for me and my friends as I get younger and younger as years go by. This year was no exception and we headed for Băile Herculane area on Friday evening to spend the week-end days on the trails of Cernei and Mehedinți Mts.

We have been accommodated in a nice big pension where we were the only people staying at the time which made it easy for us to enjoy the late nights in the company of friends (and alcohol!). After a very late arrival (around 1am) and a few beers we went to sleep in preparation for the next day’s itinerary.

Sat. 3rd Nov: The isolated villages in Cernei Mts.

Houses from Prisacina village, Cernei Mts.

The morning started with an amazing breakfast prepared by myself and Augustin, after which we split between us some basic food stuff that we had prepared to take to the old villagers living in these isolated places.

Our first encounter with the difficulty of living here was met shortly after entering the trail, as we reached the point named “The stairs”, where a series of four wooden stairways connect the lower part of a vertical cliff with its top part.

The stairs connecting the village of Inelet with the rest of the world

The trail takes us up to the church in Inelet where we meet the road connecting the villages located on the mountain slopes. Soon after, we reach the first houses where we start emptying our loads of food to every house we meet, to the delight of the people living there that thank us by sharing their late autumn fruits, out of which pears are my favorites. 😀 The villages are linked by an unpaved road that meanders through beautiful deciduous forests and open meadows used to graze peoples’ animals.

Following the road from Ineleț to Prisăcina

As evening started settling in we arrived at the church in Dobraia where we left the food that didn’t get to be distributed to the villagers as the next day was a Sunday and they could get it from there. From here a (not so) short and steep descent takes us to the main road that will take us gluttons to the first open restaurant in Băile Herculane to replenish our energy after a more than 17 km hiking trip.

View towards the Mehedinti Mountains from Dobraia
The day’s hike on the map
Elevation profile of the day

Sun. 4th Nov: Domogledu Mare peak in Mehedinți Mts.

Domogledul Mare peak (right) and Domogledul Mic peak (left)

The plan for Sunday was to do a short easy hike in the Mehedinți Mts. as we knew Saturday night was going to be a long one and we wouldn’t be in the best of conditions. In the morning it was just me and Renata that got up for the hike and we changed the itinerary a bit to a circuit for this day in order to be able to descend where we left our car.

The path towards Domogledu Mare peak (1105 m) is well worn and offers some beautiful views towards Băile Herculane and the surrounding area. The first checkpoint is at the White Cross (Crucea Albă) where our path diverges, to the right and up the trail to Domogledu Mare peak and to the left and down the trail to Jelărău valley (on which we will return).

The White Cross above Băile Herculane

From here the trail climbs pretty steeply through a beautiful pine forest and reaches Domogledu Mic peak from which a short distance on an unmarked path takes us to Domogledu Mare peak. Here we took the trail to the left towards Jelărău valley, passing Mușuroaie meadow where there is also a spring. The descent to the White Cross is made through the dry Jelărău gorges that offer some interesting landscapes.

Șușcu Peak (1192 m) seen from the trail to Domogledu Mare
Domogledu Mare circuit trail map
Elevation profile – Domogledu Mare trail


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