About Me

I am a nature enthusiast and have been so since my first memories (as a child my favorite book was a World Atlas). As a result I got involved in many nature/outdoor related activities (speleology, rowing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking) all through my teenage and then adult years. The passion for outdoors and mountains in particular has led me to study Geography in my University years, which added a whole new dimension to the comprehension of the natural environment around me. After a few years working in Hospitality in London the call of the Carpathian Mts. was too strong and I returned home to roam their forests and alpine pastures. For 20 years now I’ve been trekking the Carpathian ranges surrounding Transylvania where I can hike into the pristine environments that remain unchanged since ancient times. Wildlife photography has become one of my new hobbies together with biking rides in the culturally rich areas located at the foothills of these impressive mountains.

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